Glympse Keyboard launches for Android to help you share your location from any app

Glympse has long since cemented its position as one of the most popularreal-time location-sharing apps for mobile.

If you’re new to it, it works like this: you decide which of your contacts can see where you are, so they can track your movements from A to B, and you can set a time-limit for how long the link you’ve shared is active. That’s it in a nutshell, at least.

Today, however, Glympse has launched a brand new standalone app for Android users. Glympse Keyboard is fairly revealing from its name – it’s a keyboard that works in conjunction with Glympse, letting users share their location from whatever application they’re currently using.

How it works

You can use Glympse Keyboard in two ways. Once you’ve installed and enabled the app, you’ll see a couple of keyboard input options – the first one is ‘Quick Send’, which lets you continue to use your existing keyboard (e.g. SwiftKey), while also using a quick-access location-sharing function.

By selecting ‘Quick Send’, a user can set the duration for the Glympse as usual (e.g. ’15 minutes’), include a short message, the destination, and then share.

The location link is then pasted into the app you’re using (e.g. WhatsAppGmail), and your normal keyboard returns. However, if you choose ‘Full Keyboard’, Glympse replaces your keyboard completely, and substitutes the ‘G’ key for the familiar Glympse icon. When held down, this creates a link to a map that can be inserted into any app.

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