Do More With Your Smartwatch With These Android Wear Apps

So you bought an Android Wear smartwatch. Now what?

Whether you have the Moto 360Samsung Gear Live or LG G Watch, you’ve probably discovered that wearable devices do a pretty good job of showing you your phone notifications. But with a few apps, they can do a lot more so you can take out your phone less often.

The Google Play store is now filled with dozens and dozens of Android Wear apps for your smartwatch. Predictably, some are junk, but there are also plenty of useful ones. Below, you’ll find a selection of apps that fall into the latter group. Most are free, and I’ve categorized them by what kind of wearer they might be good for.

Best for the perpetually late

App: Glympse
Cost: Free

Running late for a meeting or trying to meet up with friends for a night out? Glympse can help by updating people of your whereabouts.

From your watch, and using your phone’s GPS capability, you can send your location to a friend with just a couple of taps. Your recipient receives a text message with a link they can open in a Web browser or the Glympse app that shows your location on a map and real-time tracking. The message expires after a user-specified time, so you don’t have to worry about Glympse constantly sharing your location.

The one downside of the Android Wear version of Glympse is that you can only send your location to contacts in your call log or your favorites list. Glympse says it made the decision to limit access to these lists because it would take too long to load an entire address book, and would require a lot of scrolling.

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