Jerome’s Furniture Launches App to Track Deliveries in Real Time

Alex Milstein, Furniture Today

Consumer experience grows ever more important for brick-and-mortar stores as online players change the game, and Jerome’s Furniture is leading the charge with the launch of a delivery tracking app.

Jerome’s dispatch software, developed in conjunction with Glympse, a popular location sharing service, allows the driver to send a notification to consumers when the truck is on the way.

The customers get a text that says Jerome’s is on the way, and they can track the delivery in real time using a digital map. The map looks similar to an Uber or Lyft map, with the route outlined, and users can see where the truck is, how fast it’s going and what time it’s going to arrive.Scott Perry,senior vice president, digital and IT at Jerome’s, said the idea for the app came about from his personal use with Glympse.

“I was thinking how useful this would be to Jerome’s — not only to the customer experience, but also with being more efficient at deliveries and preventing those not-at-home deliveries,” said Perry. “Conceptually it all made sense. Then we tested it and found a 10% reduction in not-at-homes.”

A 10% reduction is significant, and it’s not just the customers who benefit.

Perry said the delivery drivers like the app because the customer is prepared when they arrive. The room is cleared, the door is open, and the dog is out of the way. The driver doesn’t have to sit and wait, which means they can make more deliveries and therefore make more money.

As this is the first app of its type in the industry, Perry said there’s also a “wow” factor to the technology. “It’s an excitement builder, and customers love it,” he said. “You no longer have to be a hostage in your house, waiting and waiting.”

Perry said he doesn’t know why other retailers haven’t adopted this technology yet, but he says he hopes they do.

“As we all in the brick-and-mortar furniture industry are competing more with the likes of Amazon and Wayfair, we need to up the game with the customer experience,” he said. “I hope others do it for the good of the industry and for the sake of the customer. It’s a great experience and closes the loop of delivery communication.”

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