7 Holiday Travel Apps to Get Home in Time for Christmas

Get the car’s oil changed and print those boarding passes out in advance, because it’s going to be a wild holiday travel season. According to the Weather Channel, flight delays at major airports are expected thanks to snow and rain that could hit parts of the U.S.

In a rush to beat the traffic, you might forget to pack your toothbrush or travel pillow — but there’s zero chance you’ll leave your smartphone behind. So before you leave home, make sure these seven great travel apps are downloaded and ready to go.


Listen, there’s going to be traffic on Thanksgiving. Sure, you know all the back roads, can zip around that maddening highway interchange like a cab driver, and have all the lights on Broad Street expertly timed, but none of that matters when you arrive to cold mashed potatoes. Don’t hold up dinner — instead, keep the hosts informed to your expected arrival time with Glympse. A GPS-enabled app that shares your location with anyone you choose, Glympse is easier — and safer — than sending text alerts from behind the wheel. Just put in your end destination and recipients phone numbers, and the service determines how long it will take to get there, even calculating for traffic delays, because again: there’s going to be traffic on Thanksgiving.

Glympse is available for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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